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No more painful periods, bloating, or acne.
We're healing our hormones

Hi, I'm Hannah. I help women reverse PCOS, balance hormones, support the gut and eliminate bloating, acne, and PMS for good through holistic methods and functional testing 

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I can help you because I have been where you are. I know firsthand how it feels to be uncomfortable in your body & feel completely out of control. I am here to guide you to a new, nourishing life of low-stress, aligned hormones and a balanced gut. Together we cultivate a harmonious way of living that fits your unique needs. I will meet you exactly where you are without judgment. My journey into holistic wellness comes from a place of love & passion for healing and helping women


01. Hormone Harmony 

This 12-week protocol is completely individualized and made to work with you. Together we'll implement gut and hormone-supportive practices while supporting the mind as you reach new goals and become the woman you want to be. Say goodbye to painful, unpredictable periods, constant acne or pesky PCOS symptoms- you're healing your hormones, and I'm going to support you.

02. Holistic Reset

This 4-week transformative journey is designed to correct YOUR nutrient deficiencies and change your mind about food, meal prep and cooking. I will give you an actionable 4-week plan with a meal plan, grocery list, weekly challenges and more that is create specifically for you, your needs and goals based off an in-depth vitamin/ mineral assessment 

Hormone Nutritionist Ottawa

Hey! I'm Hannah 


I'm a womens health practitioner with a specialization in PCOS, acne reduction and stress management . 

My passion for holistic wellness and women's health began in high school after dealing with a restrictive eating disorder, unmanaged stress and cyclically going on/ off the birth control pill. Safe to say my hormones were a complete mess. My own struggles led me to the Institute of Holistic Nutrition where my passion for PCOS soon blossomed, from not my own struggles, but that of a dear friend. 

On a more personal note: 
I love all things outdoors- hiking, kayaking, camping, swimming you name it. I'm also a fitness junkie with a love for weight lifting & running. Some of my biggest goals in life are to travel and become a mom. I've known travel & motherhood were musts for me since a young age- which will likely lead me into fertility nutrition later on. 

I work with women who want

to reverse their PCOS • clear skin for good • painless, predictable periods • a bloat-free belly •  happy, harmonized hormones


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