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  • What insurance companies cover nutritionists?
    Some insurance companies that cover nutritionists may include: BlueCross, Canada Life, Co-operators, Desjardins, Great-West, Green Shield Canada, Industrial Alliance, Manulife, OTIP, Sun Life and more. It is important to get clear on what your unique insurance policy covers. You can send the following questions to your insurance provider to determine what is or is not covered by your insurance: 1. Do I have annual coverage for a Holistic nutritionist? 2. What is my annual coverage (dollar amount)? 3. When does my plan reset or rollover? 4. Do you cover 100% of my sessions with a nutritionist or dietitian? 5. What information do you require from my holistic nutritionist?
  • What pricing plans are available?
    For Hormone Harmony we have 3 available payment/ pricing options: Option one: Pay in full $1,300 CAD Option two: Pay $730 now, pay $630 in 4 weeks Option three: Pay $540 now, pay $440 in 4 weeks, pay $440 in 8 weeks The first payment is $100 higher than the rest due to the cost of functional testing, as the testing must happen at the start of our working together. All prices include taxes There is no pricing plan for Holistic Reset
  • What is a holistic Nutritionist?
    A Holistic Nutritionist is a wellness practitioner who specializes in disease prevention, treatment and wellbeing through a holistic lens. Holistic Nutritionists create individualized protocol for clients to support their unique goals and bio individuality. We take into consideration diet, lifestyle, stress, toxin overload, detoxification, mindset, rest, sleep and a plethora of other factors to create a full-spectrum healing protocol that addresses the ROOT CAUSE, because we believe it is best to treat the whole human- not just the set of presenting symptoms.
  • What do imbalanced hormones look and feel like?
    Hormonal imbalances can present in a variety of ways and symptoms. The most common signs of a hormone imbalance in women includes: Menstrual irregularities: Irregular periods, heavy or light bleeding, missed periods Mood swings: Irritability, anxiety, depression Fatigue: Low energy levels, lethargy Weight changes: Weight gain, difficulty losing weight Skin issues: Acne outbreaks, oily or dry skin Hair changes: Thinning hair, excessive hair growth (hirsutism) Sleep disturbances: Insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, waking up frequently Digestive issues: Bloating, constipation, diarrhea Libido changes: Low libido, changes in sexual arousal
  • What does an unhappy gut look and feel like?
    Similarly to hormone imbalances, an unhappy gut can present with a plethora of symptoms. Some of the most common indicators of an unhealthy gut include: Digestive issues: Bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea Food intolerances or sensitivities Fatigue or low energy levels Skin problems: Acne, eczema, rosacea Mood disturbances: Anxiety, depression, irritability Autoimmune conditions Nutritional deficiencies Weakened immune system: Frequent illness or infections Brain fog or difficulty concentrating
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